Monday, August 26, 2013

The Writer Fifteen

The average college freshman gains ten pounds. Or that's the amount they quoted to us back when I was about to become a college freshman a few moons ago.  It's called the Freshman Ten.
The Freshman Ten
My question is:  Do writers experience the same phenomenon?  If so, how much weight does the average writer gain the first year they decide to seriously pursue their passion for writing?

Last year, I decided to place much more of my focus on writing. To do this, required a sacrifice of something. I work full-time and am a mother of a sports teenager. Neither of those were on the table for cutting.

My physical activity is what I ended up giving up. Thus my new phrase:  The Writer's Fifteen.

How many of you are sporting The Writer's Fifteen on your derriere?

The Writer's Fifteen

For me, this is not acceptable. I don't like myself when I'm sporting an extra fifteen. (Really I could stand to lose twenty-five). I'm cranky. It's not good for my family or my writing. But I don't want to give up my new focus on writing.

Thanks to my brilliant sister, MarVeena Meek,, I discovered my solution to the writer's fifteen. Podcasts.

You might be wondering how podcasts will solve my problem. Well wonder no more. When I say my focus is on writing, it's not just the act of typing words. It also includes the act of furthering my education about the craft and about how to market myself.

I can listen to podcasts about social media marketing while walking the dog or walking in place in front of my computer.  I can use podcasts to learn while getting my 10,000 steps a day. Everyone should get 10,000 steps a day. 10,000 steps is equivalent to about 5 miles a day.

There are a lot of podcasts available on social media marketing. My current favorite is: Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner. But, I haven't discovered any podcasts on the craft of writing.

So I've decided I'm going to create podcasts on the craft of writing. It will take time, but when I teach, I learn. It will not be wasted time. Plus, it will be my way of marketing myself. Gaining name recognition.

BUT I need your help. What should I call my Podcasts? The focus will be on writer's moving while learning.

I thought about:: Lunge and Learn. But I'm not entirely happy with that. Give me your best ideas.


Monday, August 12, 2013

What's In a Name?

This summer my husband and I bought a new car.  The dealer who sold us our new car could have sold ice to Old Man Winter. He was that personable. And he was clever. Very clever.

Within minutes of introducing himself, he told a short humorous story about the nickname his nephew gave him and why. As a result of that story, we had a way to remember his name. Plus, by sharing an inside family joke, he made us feel like family.

Part of me wanted to say, "I know what you just did." But I refrained from bursting his bubble. 

As a result of his sales tactics, I've been thinking about how I can introduce my name to readers in such a way they won't forget my name when they're at the bookstore. 

Lisa Wells. It's not a hard name to remember. But that doesn't matter. We live in a society where we're not asked to remember much. But I want readers to remember the name Lisa Wells when they enter a bookstore. I want them to walk to the W's and grab the book by Lisa Wells off the shelf. 

So - here is what I came up with. Imagine dinner bells are ringing, and it is time to go inside to eat your favorite pizza. 

Lisa rhymes with Pizza            Wells rhymes with Bells.

Pizza Bells / Lisa Wells
Pizza Bells / Lisa Wells
Pizza Bells / Lisa Wells

What is a way readers can remember your name?