Monday, June 2, 2014

Turning PowerPoint slides into images...

Turn Your PowerPoint Presentation 

into Visual Media Images

Today's post is super easy.  I'm going to walk you through the steps to turn a slide from your PowerPoint presentation into an image you can post with social media.  

Step 1:  Open your PowerPoint
Step 2: One the left hand side where it shows you all of the slides in your presentation, click on the one you want to turn into an image.
Step 3:  Go up to file - where you'd click to save something - and click on Export. (Yes - that is an option)
Step 4:  It asks you how you want to export the file - choose change file type.
Step 5:  It will show you a list of your additional options - choose jpeg.
Step 6:  It will ask you if you want to export the whole presentation or just the slide you clicked on in step 2. Choose just that slide. 

(It, It, It...Three sentences starting with It - UGH.  I know - bad writing - but I'm applying the KISS rule - keep IT simple silly.)

Step 7:  Choose save as - and save the image to (desktop/your choice) with new name.
Step 8:  Now you can upload your new jpeg to your social media site. 

That was easy -easy -easy - Don't you think?

Above is the first slide in a class I teach on How to Write a Series. The class will be offered again in August. Can't wait that long to learn the tricks of writing a series? Not a problem. You can choose to purchase the lecture packet to the class at the Margie Lawson Writer's Academy.  

The crazy looking chic is my daughter. I love that she's so willing to look less than "perfect" for the sake of getting a laugh out of someone. This was a picture she sent me one day when I asked her to match the socks. Our unmatched socks collect in a basket until someone breaks down and sorts and matches. Usually me - deep sigh. 

What is the one chore in your household you always try to get someone else to do?