Wednesday, August 6, 2014


but first....Congrats to my blog winner Emily Mires. Emily just won a $5.00 gift card to Starbucks just for signing up for my blog updates. Emily send me your mailing address at 

Pinterest is powerful if you can pin images that grab the attention of viewers. That's a big IF.  But if you follow the rule of the Big Six - you'll be a winner pinner every time. 

Six steps to creating powerful- pinnable images?

1.   They must tell an instant story. 

2.   The text has to be easy to read and bold.

3.   Make sure your images are the right size. (If you don’t know if it’s the right size, pin it and see what it looks like.)

4.   Look at the boards of your perfect customer. What are they pinning?  Create images they can pin to those boards.

5.   Host contests and giveaways. Pin an image of the event on Pinterest. People search Pinterest for contests to enter.  Use the right language in the description field:  Enter to Win – Giveaway – Contest.  You can even enter an amount in your pin and Pinterest will add a banner to attract more attention.
6.   Your caption should evoke emotion.

Need a place to get free images – has pictures that are free. No strings attached. They are FREE.

So tell me - did you know that there are boards on Pinterest just about contests to enter?  

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