Monday, December 9, 2013

11 more Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers

#12 -23

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12.  Craft book. Writers love to have books at hand that give them ideas for different ways to show instead of tell.  
I have the Nook version but would love the print version for ease of flipping through.

13.  Cozy socks

Writers who feel cozy are inspired to write - or sleep - but hopefully write.

14.  Noise cancelling headphones
There are times when writers need to completely tune their families out. Their options, nag the family to not talk, go get a hotel room, or put on some earphones that shut out the rest of the world.

15.  Very seldom does a writer finish that fresh cup of coffee before it grows cold.  Our muse takes us away from the warm brew for hours at a time.  The fix - a mug warmer. 
16.  A splurge gift - A month of meals. Give the writer in your life a month of prepared meals.  You can prepare them, freeze them and bring them to her/him, or you can buy a membership to a meal program like social suppers.

17. Another splurge gift - A fancy smancy coffee brewer that makes one cup at a time. Babies have blankies and binkies that soothe them, writers have a warm mug of jave or cocoa or tea that soothe them. Give them the ability to whip up their soother with ease. 
18.  Writer's software.
Scrivner is a writer's tool that organizes the writing process and inspires creative play in a story line. 

19.  An on-line class.
Give the writer in your life a gift card and a note that says sign up for that writer's craft class you've been dying to take. 

20.  A book on tape.  
As Cara mentions on her blog, writer's need to get up and move around. Give them a book on tape, and they can listen to the book while they take a walk.  

21.  A wrist saver.  
  Typing is hard on the wrist of writers - help them maintain healthy wrists with a wrist saver.

22.  Wall art.
Glance through the walls on a writer's Pinterest page. They will have a page on writing.  Choose something from their writer's page and have it turned into a framed picture for their office. They'll love the thought you put into the gift.

If you enjoyed these ideas, please remember to visit Cara Bristol's page for gift ideas number 1-11. BUT first, if you're a writer, what is the best writer-related gift you ever received? If you're not a writer, did you see an idea here you're thinking about buying for a writer friend? 


  1. I have the Emotion Thesaurus and use it all the time. Socks are always good. Never thought of the noise cancelling headphones. I could sure use those!!! Loved your list.

    1. Thanks Cara. You gave a teaser last night about your upcoming list and I got all tingly with excitement. So this morning when I read it, I immediately started thinking of other ideas. Thanks for inspiring this post.

  2. What great ideas! I use the Emotion Thesaurus a lot too. And I could really use some noise cancelling headphones with my kids around.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I don't have the noise cancelling headphones but have been thinking about them for a while.

  3. I love Scrivener and will be getting a keurig for Christmas! I love all these ideas ... they are awesome for all kinds of writers, even us academic types! Although I think I need to add a computer to the list ... my kids have confiscated mine!

  4. I love my keurig. It's worth its weight in gold.