Monday, December 2, 2013

PitchWars 2013 - Mentee Bio

Mentee Bio for PitchWars 2013

Lisa Wells

I like to think I'm the mentee who caught the snowball in her glove.
Probably...I'm the one with the snowball in the face.

It’s PITCH WARS 2013, and I am sending around a query and five sample pages to four would-be mentors in hope of enticing one of them to choose me as their creative-writing sculpting project.                                    Sculpt-me baby.

Here are 3 outrageously great reasons why you should choose me.

1.  I spend my days working with middle school students. I can handle anything you  throw my way and still jump with joy at the end of the day.

2.  My knowledge of the writing craft is planted in fertile ground and ready to bloom under your administrations. Maybe not straight up, but bloom it will. 
 3.  I have the best collection of crazy sunglasses, and I'm willing to share them with my mentor.
If you like my pitch - I'd love to hear from you. Imagine the geeky kid in the back of the classroom with their hand in the air, waving it frantically, on the verge of falling out of their chair...that's me. 


  1. Good luck! I know one other writer who threw her hat in the ring. I hope you both do well!

    1. Thanks - you need to shoot me an email and tell me how your querying is going?

  2. Love your sunglasses, and I'm sure someone will pick you.